justin peake 


What is it?
It’s a Bluetooth-enabled Eurorack synthesizer component with companion iOS App.

My Roles
  • Product Design
  • Market Research
  • UX/UI Design
  • Hardware Design
  • Front-End Development for Mobile

None of the Eurorack sequencers available today offer the distinct feature set and/or hardware size that optimizes workflow.

I executed hands-on market research, user interviews; the results of which I used to inform wireframes, flow diagrams, and initial prototypes for the proof-of-concept of the mobile app. I built the working mobile app with React Native.

I designed & manufactured the BLE connected hardware device over an iterative process based on user tests, refining the layout, scale, and circuit design resulting in a minimal-footprint / maximal-feature niche instrument.


User Flow

Lo-Fi Wireframes

Mid-Fi Wireframes

 iOS Prototype Walkthrough

Early UI Sketches

Circuit Board Iterations (Top: Early, Bottom: Final)

Board Design

Early Faceplate

Earlier Faceplate Sketch

Early Circuit Board Layout Sketch