I am an improviser, composer, sound designer, and producer. I perform primarily on drums. I also perform on electronic instruments, basses, and guitars. I write music for acoustic and electro-acoustic ensembles. I produce a variety of studio works. I design instruments, systems and strategies around structured improvisation and performance for live and studio artists including myself. I’ve performed with lots of people. 

I believe in magic.

I am a digital designer, media artist, and technologist. My goal is to collaborate in solving problems around the design of spaces, objects and experiences that enrich and improve people’s lives.

I am a researcher, educator and speaker. I encourage individual exploration of intentions, materials, and approaches as well as developing concrete practical skills for students who wish to create new and important work in sound. Communication and relating ideas to other people is one of the cornerstones of my life as I have dedicated it. I encourage curiosity and am often uneasy in its absence.

My process consists of concept, research and design as well as experimentation, prototyping and teaching. My practical skills include software & hardware design, installation design, generative graphics, projection design, and immersive performance. I am dedicated to an inquiry of semiotics, music cognition, neuroscience, ethnomusicology, and socio-political aesthetics as they relate to the composition and production of experiences of sound, light, and space. My CV is here.