I am a composer, performer, sound designer, and producer. I play drums and write music for acoustic and electro-acoustic ensembles. I produce a variety of studio works, I’d rather omit genre from this sentence. I design instruments, systems and strategies around structured improvisation and performance for live and studio artists including myself. Those can be found in the design & technology page.

As a teacher I encourage individual exploration of intentions, materials, and approaches as well as developing concrete practical skills for students who wish to create new and important work in sound. I have taught graduate, undergraduate and non-collegiate students a variety of topics in music and technology.

Albums / Recordings

Composition / Score

Im-Medi_ate Re-Turning: for percussion, contrabass, cornet, and interactive electronics (2019)
Zeno’s Paradiddle: for two percussionists (2019)
Heartmusic: solo for beating human heart, electronics, and voice (2018)
Think Tank: solo for piano, percussion, electronics and voice (2018)
ORACLES for distributed quintet, interactive sculpture, multi-channel audio and video / lighting (2017)
Soliloquy for FM radio, electronics, notebook w/ contact mic, glass of wine, wooden table, floor, and chair. (2014)
32+1=1 for cello, bass, percussion, flute, electronics, and 2 human voices (2009)