Justin Peake is a multi-instrumentalist, sound composer, and experimental media artist. His work explores philosophy, storytelling, and cognition through formats of live performance, interactive design, and immersive installation

He performs principally on drums and electronics. 

He produces and releases electronic music under the moniker Beautiful Bells which has 5 full length albums and a handful of remixes to it’s credit.

In 2009, he started the New Orleans based multimedia entity
 Articulated Works, to release works of music, art, and technology which might include not only musical albums but audio-visual installations, software applications, literature, visual art, sculpture, and beyond. 

He has a Master’s degree from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) during which time he focused on building new software tools for variably structured improvisation in performance and music education. 

Over the years, he has performed with artists such as Frank Gratkowski, Wilbert de Joode, Mike Gamble, Byron Asher, Alissa Derubeis, Jeff Albert, Aurora Nealand, Dana Reason, Mark Dresser, Rob Mazurek, Holland Andrews, Tim Daisy, Jacob Wick, Jason Stein, Helen Gillet, Jim Baker, Scott Amendola, Quintron, Charlie Hunter, Eivind Opsvik, Tom Rainey, Simon Berz, Ingrid Laubrock, James Singleton, and Simon Lott among many others.

“...a wonderful glimpse into not only what music can be, but also how art must necessarily involve its audience...”

        - Mike Griffith, myneworleans.com

“Peake belongs to a rich corner of the New Orleans music scene, one that is nonetheless largely invisible within the town’s broader musical culture. In the birthplace of jazz - a music born out of the freedom of creative improvisation. Peake’s electro-acousticism is just one branch of an extremely varied tradition.”

- Zachary Young, offbeat.com
~ cv ~


Master’s:  Interactive Telecommunications - New York University (2016)

Bachelor’s: Philosophy - The University of Alabama (2004)


2018 Triskelion Arts: “Hunting Year” in collaboration with Angie Moon Dance Theatre

2018 Omega Institute (Celebrate Life Festival) performing Heartmusic, Rhinebeck, NY

2018 ISP festival: Creative Music Guild, performing THINK TANK solo, Portland, OR

2017 MOOGFEST 2017, Found Sound Nation's "Ouroborium" installation, Durham, NC

2017 TED 2017, Found Sound Nation's "Ouroborium" installation, Vancouver, BC

2017 INST-INT, "Oracles" performance/installation New Orleans, LA

2016 ITP Spring Show, "FIGURE" New York, NY

2015 The Bell House, "Concentric" Brooklyn, NY

2014 ITP Winter Show, "MANTIS" New York, NY

2014 Bamboula NOLA - Prospect 3 "How Far Can You Go?" New Orleans, LA

2014 Unerhörte Räume "Your New Car" Berlin, DE

2014 Knock Knock "Soliloquy" Berlin, DE

2014 Open Ears Music Series "Date Night" New Orleans, LA

2013 Sonic Frontiers "Justin Peake Solo" Tuscaloosa, AL

2008 Prospect 1 "Micro-Focal 23.a" New Orleans, LA


2019 “Inner Being”

2017 #1 & #2 Head Cradle of 10 - Shawn Hall - Prospect 4, New Orleans, LA

2017 “A Field Guide to Whale Creek” - soundtrack

2016 "May Not / Always" - music for dance

2015 "What is Left?" - music for dance

2014 "The Moon in Gemini vol. 3"

2014 "Skin Deep" Soundtrack

2014 "The Fall of Erebus" Soundtrack

2014 Scott Amendola, "Fade to Orange" Remix

2013 "One Cent Piece"

2012 "The Moon in Gemini vol. 2"

2011 "Managing Depth"

2011 Shigeto, "Children at Midnight" Remix

2010 "The Moon in Gemini vol. 1"

2009 "Solo Percussion"


2019  AIR - Thessaloniki, GR

2019  Badabum Residency - Zug, CH

2019  Elektronmusikstudion (EMS) - Composer in Residence  - Stockholm, SE

2019 Engelshom Hojskole - Artist in Residence - Bredsden, DK

2016 NYU-ITP Research Residency - New York, NY

2015 Group Artist Residency - Romanmotier, CH

2013 Liquid Land Promotional Tour - Multi-City, CH


2018 - present: Adjunct Instructor - The Fungus Among Us - New York University (ITP)

2018 - present:  Adjunct Instructor - Composition for Electronic Media - Tulane University

2017  Guest Artist Talk - NYU - Waverly Labs - New York, NY

2017 "Encouraging Collaborative Community" - NAEA Artist Talk - Columbia University - New York, NY

2017 Guest Artist Talk - Creative Campus University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa, AL

2017 "Community Driven Interactive Multimedia" - Student Workshop- Marigny Opera House - New Orleans, LA

2016 "Rethinking the Conductor" - IMPACT Conference - New York, NY

2016 "FIGURE" (Graduate Thesis Talk) - NYU - ITP - New York, NY

2013 "Improvisation: Drums & Electronics" - Badabum Atelier - Zug, CH


2016 - 2017 NYU - ITP Research Residency / Fellowship

2015 - 2016 Tisch School of the Arts Departmental Fellowship

2014 - 2015 Tisch School of the Arts Departmental Fellowship


Concept /  Ideation, Prototyping, Creative Problem Solving, R & D, Project Management, Creative Direction

Hardware / Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Hardware & Circuit Design, EagleCAD, IoT

Software /  HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MongoDB, MySQL, Express, Node.js, openFrameworks, C++

Audio / Logic, ProTools, Ableton Live, Max/MSP, Analog Synthesis

Video / Unity3d, AfterEffects, Adobe Premiere, VDMX, MadMapper

Build / Wood, Hammer, Nails + everything above