Justin Peake is a sound composer, media artist, creative technologist, and educator. His practice consists of composition and performance as well as research, experimentation, and pedagogy. His work often includes software & hardware design, installation design, generative graphics, projection design, and immersive performance. He is dedicated to an inquiry of semiotics, music cognition, neuroscience, ethnomusicology, and socio-political aesthetics as they relate to the composition and presentation of new experiences for people.


I : am a drummer, percussionist, and an electro-acoustic improviser.

  : write music for acoustic and electro-acoustic ensembles.

  : produce a variety electronic studio works.

  : design software & hardware, installations, video & projections, and immersive experiences.

  : read and research a lot.

 Photographs by Kevin Bay & Krishna Pandit (in order of appearance)